World Exposition in Aichi, Japan 2005

Approximately 15 million people are expected to visit the Expo 2005 Aichi between 25 March and 25 September 2005. The theme for this Exposition is “Nature’s Wisdom” with the sub headings “Nature’s Matrix”, “Art of Life” and “Development for Eco-Communities”.

Aichi Prefecture is located in the middle of the Japanese archipelago, with the Pacific Ocean on its southern shores. The prefecture spans an area of about 5,153 square kilometres and has a population of approximately 7.04 million. From the west to southeast lies a sprawling plain, incorporating the Nagoya metropolitan and Higashi-Mikawa city zones. This area features the ports of Nagoya and Kinuura on the coast, and considerable industry inland. For more information please visit Expo 2005 Aichi

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